Our Process

1) Initial Meeting With Client

At this time, we will meet and establish your budget as this will determine the size of home and types of finishes that can be expected. Desired location, neighborhoods, amenities, etc. will also be addressed.

2) Lot Selection

After establishing a budget and desired area, we will zero in a lot location that meets your needs and requirements. Once this is done, we will place a hold / reservation on that particular lot.

3) Plan Selection / Creation

 Builder and client will meet to review builder’s inventory of plans or come up with a completely new plan from scratch according to your specific needs and wants. Plan creation involves meeting with a draftsman and working together to draw a plan that meets your specifications.

4) Selecting Finishes For Your Home

Once a plan has been established / created, we like to meet face to face to go over the types of finishes that you would like in your home. This meeting usually takes about an hour or two and involves a checklist where we go into detail as to the types of finishes (cabinetry, flooring, woodwork, etc.) you would like in your home. This will enable us to come up with a firm price on your home.

5) Final Presentation

At this meeting we will sit down with you and present our 12 page report that goes into specific detail on the particulars of the home. This report will include all of the desired finishes as well as a list of allowances for them. Upon client satisfaction, the next step is signing of the contract. We use the Building Industry Association of Louisville contract which includes a full one year warranty. Once the contract is signed, we will both sign off on the plans and specification report as well. Orthober Custom Homes requires 10% down and a letter of pre-approval as well before construction begins.

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